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Postoperative Care – Exotic Pets

KRUUSE has developed and designed a range of products to assist you in getting your exotic patients, such as birds and rabbits, back in shape following surgery or illness.

The range includes postoperative care in the form of BUSTER Body Suits for Rabbits and BUSTER Collars for Rabbits and Birds.

BUSTER Body Suit for Rabbits

Rabbits cannot exhibit normal behaviours when wearing a traditional E-collar. This suppression of behaviours can lead to additional health complications.

The BUSTER Body Suit for Rabbits is an ideal alternative to an E-collar for rabbits recovering from surgery or minor injuries. It provides optimal protection and comfort while preventing the patient from reaching tender areas on the body, promoting faster healing and recovery.

BUSTER Rabbit Body Suits are perfect for:

  • Postoperative care
  • Wound care
  • Neuter or spey recovery
  • Hot spots or skin diseases

Features & Benefits

  • Available in 6 sizes to suit rabbits weighing from 0.6kg to 5.5kg
  • Studs and touch fastener for optimal security and easy fitting
  • Extended tail opening enables freedom of movement, including eating caecotrophs (cecotropes)
  • Double fabric for insertion and change of pads for fluid control
  • Reduced stress to the patient, which increases mental wellbeing
  • Faster recovery

BUSTER Collar for Rabbits

The BUSTER Rabbit E-collar is a protective disposable collar for rabbits made of flexible and strong polypropylene.

It is an inexpensive solution to prevent the animal from reaching wounds on their head and body. Available in one size.

BUSTER Collar for Birds

The BUSTER Bird E-collar prevents birds from plucking feathers or picking at wounds.

It is made of transparent material and easy to fit on the bird – simply fasten with an office stapler.

Available in four sizes from Small to X-Large: 80mm, 100mm, 140mm, 200mm

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