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Provet Vi

Provet Veterinary Instrumentation (Vi) can provide your veterinary practice in New Zealand with a complete range of veterinary orthopaedic instruments and implants.

In early 2015, Provet started distributing the specialised veterinary surgical and orthopaedic instruments, implants and equipment previously supplied by St Lucia Surgical Services, which was founded in 2000 by Dr Geoff Robins BVetMed FACVSc. Most of these products are sourced from Veterinary Instrumentation (Vi), a UK-based company which is owned by Covetrus.

For over three decades, Veterinary Instrumentation have been at the forefront of the animal healthcare community they proudly serve.

Based in Sheffield, UK and founded by a pioneering vet, John Lapish, the wellbeing of animals and the advancement of the industry is Vi’s passion and mission.

Vi’s dynamic and comprehensive range of Surgical and Orthopaedic Instrumentation, Joint Surgery and Fracture Fixation products allow veterinary practices and users to consolidate and drive value from their clinical service through one reputable source.

Through constructive dialogue with animal healthcare professionals, Vi’s goal is to advance animal healthcare together.

For more information, visit the Provet Vi website or call the Provet Instruments & Equipment NZ team on 0800 776 838.