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BUSTER ActivityMat

Great for both puppy and dog training Stimulates their senses by providing both behavioural and mental enrichment 12 exciting activities to choose from at 3 levels of difficulty Easy to

KRUTEX Arm Length Examination Gloves

KRUTEX Arm Length Gloves are soft and strong for multi-purpose use as well as being great value for money. Maximum coverage for hygiene and barrier protection Superior elasticity and resistance

KRUUSE PVC Endotracheal Tubes

KRUUSE PVC Endotracheal (ET) Tubes are made of polyvinyl chloride and are anatomically curved with a Murphy’s Eye. The Cuffed Endotracheal Tubes are also High Volume and Low Pressure (HVLP)

BUSTER Body Suits

The soft and comfortable BUSTER Body Suit for dogs and cats is designed to prevent self-inflicted trauma to the body. Key features: Flexible, giving patient total freedom of movement Easy


The KRUUSE AG Cuffill device is an accurate solution for measuring cuff pressure and controlling the volume of air in the cuff of PVC and Silicone Endotracheal tubes to prevent over-inflation.

BUSTER Premium Dog Collar

True passion for animal care extends beyond the veterinary consult room and surgery. Love and care for our animals continues through to post-operative care and how we manage animals’ rehabilitation