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KRUUSE Autoclave Pouches

The KRUUSE Autoclave range of individual self-seal flat pouches allows for quick, consistent seals and does not hinder the penetration of steam sterilisation. Used in veterinary practices in a variety of applications, these pouches will cover most of your autoclaving needs.

KRUUSE Self-Seal Autoclave Pouches

KRUUSE Self Seal Autoclave Pouches

KRUUSE Individual Self-Seal Pouches make the daily sterilisation of instruments, trays, reusable drapes and gowns fast and easy, as there is no need for neither tape nor a welding machine to close the pouches. In addition, all self-seal pouches have a writing area for easy application and inclusion of sterilisation date.

Being self-seal, you can rest assured that post the sterilisation process all items inside remain sterile until the pouch is opened for use.

  • Pouches are self-seal
  • Changeable colour field for verification of completed autoclave cycle
  • Writing area for application of sterilisation date
  • Instruments remain sterile for up to 6 months after sterilisation
  • Available in 7 sizes
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