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KRUUSE Super-Absorb Dressing

Dressing with extremely high absorbency properties for wounds with moderate to severe exudation. The excellent moisture retention capacity reduces the number of bandage changes required and ensures better wound healing.

  • Can be used in conjunction with antibiotic or antibacterial treatment when used on highly infected wounds
  • Use as a primary or secondary dressing of different sizes, shapes, and amount of exudate
  • Effectively contains and encapsulates exudate and cellular debris to prevent micro-organisms from contaminating the wound
  • The 3 dressing layers contribute to improved healing without causing maceration
  • The dressing protects the wound and absorbs wound exudate in a moist environment which promotes healing
  • Due to high absorption and fluid retention, the dressing can stay on for days
  • The dressing will not stick to the wound, which minimises pain for bandage changes
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