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KRUUSE Rehab Pro Knee Protector

The Pro Knee Protector provides compression, warmth and support for a range of diseases affecting the knee, including arthritis, arthrosis, patella luxation, traumatic knee injuries and post-surgical knee rehabilitation. For extra patient comfort, the front harness evenly distributes any compensation weight and forces throughout the chest. The removable side splints offer further promotion of strength and conditioning through the hindlimb, ensuring ongoing progressive support throughout the patient’s rehabilitation journey.

  • Left & Right specific size ranges available
  • Double tailoring straps to optimise fit
  • Harness and stability straps to reduce luxating movement
  • Gentle for the body, designed to evenly distribute pulling forces through the chest harness
  • Tailored support throughout the patient’s progressing rehabilitation
  • Anatomic patella hole, reducing pressure on the patient’s patella during locomotion
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