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KRUUSE Rehab Elbow Protector

KRUUSE Rehab Protectors can be used before and after surgery and in connection with chronic arthritic conditions such as osteoarthritis, osteochondritis dissecans, ligament injuries and other joint problems.

When a dog appears to be troubled by its elbow joints, the most common symptom is lameness or stiffness.

When a dog shows these symptoms, the KRUUSE Rehab Elbow Protector is the ideal solution. In combination with training sessions, it exerts counter-pressure to reduce subsequent swelling.

For many dogs, the KRUUSE Rehab Elbow Protector can be crucial in how well they can adapt to joint problems as it counteracts pain and swelling, giving muscles a chance to rest correctly.

The KRUUSE Rehab Elbow Protector is fastened above and under the joint with the aid of two Velcro bands. The bands run through loops in the protector so that it does not slide down the leg.

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