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4CYTE™ Animal Joint Health Products

4CYTE™ protects, maintains and promotes healthy joints in cats, dogs and horses.

4CYTE™ is powered by Interpath’s proprietary active ingredient EPIITALIS®. 4CYTE is backed by world-class research and development and offers a money back customer guarantee*.

What makes 4CYTE™ so special?

Exclusive to Interpath products, EPIITALIS® is the new superpower in joint health.

The extraction method used changes the structure of the fatty acids so it is easily digestible.

* When purchased from a veterinary practice.

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About Interpath

Interpath is a pioneering Australian animal health company specialising in the research and development of advanced, scientifically proven products.


4CYTE™ therapeutic claims are applicable for the New Zealand market only. Please be aware that various countries have different regulatory requirements. This information should be read accordingly. Always consult your veterinarian on the health of your animal.