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Riverpoint VisiPro™ Fluorescent Sutures

VisiPro™ is a monofilament non-absorbable surgical suture composed of a strand of polypropylene, a synthetic linear polyolefin with a fluorescent red dye.

  • Easy suture visualisation when exposed to a black light
  • Consistent diameter
  • Smooth surface for easy tissue passage
  • Excellent and consistent flattened knot security
  • Minimal memory and reduced fraying


Here’s what people are saying about VisiPro™:

“We have been very happy with the Riverpoint VisiPro™ sutures. They are easy to see on brown horses and work really well for tarsorrhaphies in terms of visibility.

“We do a lot of arthroscopies and the Riverpoint VisiPro™ makes it much easier for us to see the sutures at bandage changes.

“Overall, Riverpoint VisiPro™ sutures save time for us as they are easily visible and there is less chance of missing sutures at removal time.”

Dr Madelein Taylor
Darling Downs Veterinary Hospital, Oakey
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