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MedLED ChromeVET® MC3

A superior quality, fully portable surgical headlight that balances brightness, comfort and battery life to provide the complete package for everyday use. Available in 100,000 LUX (MC3).

The MC3 unit is a staple in all veterinary clinics for everyday headlight requirements such as surgical or clinical cases. With next generation components, the MC3 provides enhanced comfort and more balance than its predecessor the MedLED ONYX™.

Brightness100,000 LUX (9,300 foot candles)
Battery Life7.75 Hours (Continuous Operation)
Spot Size10 – 100mm / 0.4-4.0” (18” Working Distance)
LED Lifetime100,000+ hours. It is not necessary to change the LED light source.
Dual Battery Charge Time in Lamp6.5 Hours
1-4 Battery Charge Time in 4-Bay Charger10 Hours**
Total Battery LifetimeReplace at least every 12 months

MedLED ChromeVET® MC3 is available in 2 options:

MC3 Standard Kit Includes:
  • 1 Headlight
  • 1 MC3 Bezel
  • 2 Batteries
  • 1 USB Wall Charger Set
  • 1 Carrying Case & Bag
MC3 Hospital Kit Includes:
  • 1 Headlight
  • 1 MC3 Bezel
  • 4 Batteries
  • 1 USB Wall Charger Set
  • 1 Carrying Case & Bag
  • 1 4-Bay Charger
  • 1 +2D Magnifiers


Here’s what people are saying about MedLED ChromeVET® MC3:

“We use the Medled MC3 Chrome Headlamp every day for everything in our Equine Dentistry Clinic, from oral examinations, surgery, restorations, eye examinations, flushing nasolacrimal ducts and many other uses, as it gives a much better view of whatever we are looking at. It is definitely the brightest headlamp I have used and is very comfortable. Having long lasting rechargeable batteries on the headpiece rather than being attached by cable to a battery pack is much more convenient than other headlamps I have used. Also being able to just plug the whole headpiece in to charge at the end of the day rather than having to take out and charge multiple batteries is very easy and convenient. I like that it is a standalone cordless headlamp that is light with easily adjustable headstraps and bezel, you can take it on and off very quickly. I would recommend the Medled MC3 Chrome Headlamps for the above reasons and the Provet Customer Service has been great if there were any concerns, questions or warranty support required which has been appreciated being a valuable piece of equipment.”

Dr Kirsten Jackson BSc BVMS (Hons) MANZCVS
Equine Dentistry
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