Introducing the KRUUSE AG Cuffill device - an accurate solution for measuring cuff pressure and controlling the volume of air in the cuff of PVC and Silicone Endotracheal tubes as to prevent over-inflation.

The portable and ergonomic syringe-like design allows for a simple and easy operation by Veterinarians, Nurses and Technicians. Closely resembling the existing common practice i.e. inflating the cuff with a syringe, the AG Cuffill achieves greater accuracy and more importantly a safer practice.

Features and Benefits:

  • Allows for accurate reading and measurement of the cuff pressure
  • Intuitive, easy and simple to use
  • Pocket-size and light-weight
  • Minimises risk of cuff over-inflation
  • Measurement range 0-99 cm (mmHg/cmH2O)
  • Measurement accuracy ±2 (mmHg/cmH2O)
  • Lasts 100 measurements/readings
  • Automatically turns off 60 seconds after activation


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AG Cuffil

Download a copy of the product brochure below:

AG Cuffil Product Brochure