Riverpoint Cobra Black™

Cobra Black™ Standard Needles

Cobra Black standard needle comparisonThe Cobra Black™ Needle is a patent pending design that enhances visibility especially in blood and smaller surgery sites. The surface eliminates the hindering glare from operating theatre lighting, making it easier to distinguish than a bright steel needle.

  • Black needles enhance visibility in small cavities
  • Needle glare reduction from surgical lighting
  • Better contrast against tissue
  • Same price as standard silver Riverpoint suture needles
  • Reduced eye strain


Cobra Black Dental Specific needle comparisonCobra Black™ Dental Specific Needles

  • Riverpoint Vilet II Quick™ suture material -  provides faster suture absorption but yet maintains excellent tensile strength
  • Taper Point and Premium Reverse Cutting needles for precision suturing
  • Ideal for use in dental and oral mucosa surgery
  • Black needles enhance visibility in small surgery sites and blood
  • Eliminate the hindering glare from the O.R lighting and distinguish it better than bright silver needles
  • The Cobra Black™ Needle is a patent pending design that enhances visibility of the suture needle in all surgical situations


For full list of Cobra Black™ Standard and Cobra Black Dental Specific needles, download the Riverpoint Medical Wound Closure & Surgical Headlight Catalogue, contact your local Provet Business Account Manager or local Provet Branch.


Here's what people are saying about Cobra Black™ needles:

“Riverpoint Cobra Black™ needles have been a great addition to the Riverpoint range. The colour contrast significantly improves the needle visibility without compromising the existing high penetration performance of the standard needle range.”

Dr Tony Leeflang, Managing Partner, Vet24

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