Riverpoint Medical Sutures

A premium surgical suture range offering superior quality and great value.

Riverpoint Medical designs, develops and markets next generation medical devices for the veterinary and healthcare markets.

Key features of Riverpoint sutures include:

  • Convenient suture peel pouch with protective foil, offering quality every time due to the moisture and IV barrier provided
  • Superior presentation with high performance oval racetrack, significantly reducing suture memory and preventing laddering
  • Stronger, sharper, more flexible needles. Needles are made from 300 series stainless steel, which has greater tensile strength, higher ductility and less brittleness than 400 series stainless steel ensuring less breakage
  • Specialised suture ranges including Cobra Black needles for better needle visibility, antibacterial sutures for protection and VisiPro™ glowing suture for ease of locating and removal
  • Mirco Cassette sutures offer easy, one handed suture cutting with convenient built in cutting device
  • Riverpoint suture cassettes in larger USP sizing are ideal for dairy, cattle, equine and large dog breed surgery

The Riverpoint suture range

For more information on the full range, download a copy of the Riverpoint Medical Wound Closure & Surgical Headlight Catalogue or contact your local Provet Business Account Manager or local Provet Branch.


Here's what people are saying about the Riverpoint range:Dr Colin Sherry

“I have been using Riverpoint suture materials since their release at the 2014 AVA Conference. I have been impressed with the “performance” every time compared to the suture materials I have used previously. I am particularly impressed with the lack of tissue drag on the Monofilament Vilet suture material and the knot tying quality of the PDO/PDM and Polypropylene suture materials. The ability to order the suture materials in boxes of 12 as well as in a cassette configuration, makes good economical sense for cash flow, as well as being competitively priced with exclusivity to Provet.”

Dr Colin Sherry BSc BVMS CertVOphthal, Champion Lake Vet Centre


VisiPro in action“We have been very happy with the Riverpoint VisiPro™ sutures. They are easy to see on brown horses and work really well for tarsorrhaphies in terms of visibility.
We do a lot of arthroscopies and the Riverpoint VisiPro™ makes it much easier for us to see the sutures at bandage changes.
Overall, Riverpoint VisiPro™ sutures save time for us as they are easily visible and there is less chance of missing sutures at removal time.”

Dr Madelein Taylor, Darling Downs Veterinary Hospital, Oakey