Provet Software and Website Support

Practice Management Software Support

VisionVPM Support

For VisionVPM, Rapport and VivaVPM support

Phone: 0800 847 876 

Fax: 09 355 0474

RxWorks Support

For RxWorks and RxWorks Cloud support

Phone: 0800 445 611

Fax: 09 233 3167

Provet IT Service Desk

For e-Order support, contact the Provet IT Service Desk. The Provet Service Desk is open from 8:30am to 5:00pm in Australia and New Zealand.

Phone: 0800 150 182
Email: General Enquiries
  e-Order Enquiries

Provet eBusiness

For e-Practice Websites, Business Mail and domain name support, contact Provet eBusiness.