Education Reward Partners

Provet's partnerships with education and training organisations allow you to redeem Provet PLUS points for workshops, events, courses and association membership, helping keep your skills and knowledge up to date.

Animal Industries Resource Centre & Crampton Consulting Group

AIRC & CCGThe Animal Industries Resource Centre and Crampton Consulting Group were established in November 1996 with the vision of providing professional yet cost effective training specifically for the veterinary industry. Since then, our company has grown to become one of Australia's leading veterinary industry educators and consulting companies. With over 1250 students across Australia and Asia, and as a member of the Provet Group of Companies, AIRC and CCG are a one-stop shop for practice development and educational excellence.

Redeem your Provet PLUS points by:

  • enrolling into a veterinary nursing or management qualification;
  • completing one of our continuing education short courses;
  • arranging for one of our industry experienced consultants to visit you for some in-practice training.

Our aim is to provide you with personalised and professional solutions that work for you, not everyone else. For more information contact AIRC or CCG.

Australian Veterinary Association

Australian Veterinary AssociationThe Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) is the professional organisation that represents veterinarians across Australia. It hosts over 130 continuing professional development events each year, including:

AVA member veterinarians receive significant discounts when attending its events. Non-member veterinarians can also attend but may wish to consider the broader value of AVA membership and join to receive the discounted event pricing. At some conferences, non-veterinarians are encouraged to attend – practice managers and veterinary nurses.

AVA members also have access to other continuing professional development opportunities including: discussion forums, the VetEd library and webinars.

For more information about the benefits of AVA membership visit the AVA website.

Centre for Veterinary Education (CVE)

Centre for Veterinary Education - Professional Development Leaders

Established in 1965 as a not-for-profit membership organisation dedicated solely to providing unbiased quality continuing professional development, the CVE( formerly the PGF) pioneered continuing veterinary education in Australia. It is, committed to providing quality practical and applied professional development to veterinarians, support staff and all those involved in the care of animals.

Today the CVE is an established and recognised leader in continuing veterinary education, renowned world-wide for providing clinical expertise, the best tutors, a guided approach to learning, and clinical forums for all style of vets. Responding to the needs of an evolving profession, the CVE offers innovative, comprehensive and flexible continuing education programs, ranging from year-long modular distance education, 1- to 5-day clinical conferences and practical workshops, to an extensive range of online Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses.

The CVE's sole purpose has always been to support you in your endeavour to become the best veterinarian you can be to achieve the best possible outcomes for your patients and clients. So confidently choose our CPD programs to challenge yourself professionally and progress along your chosen career path.

Visit or download the CPD Program brochure to find a CPD course to meet your needs. You can use Provet PLUS Points to register for any CVE CPD course.

Download CPD Program Brochure

Centre for Veterinary Education
Veterinary Science Conference Centre, Level 2, B22, Regimental Drive, The University of Sydney | | Tel +61 2 9351 7979 | Fax +61 2 9351 7968

Veterinary Business Group

Vets On TourThe Veterinary Business Group provides veterinary practice managers and owners with the support, skills and tools they need to build successful businesses in a rapidly changing business landscape. It was created in 2017 from the amalgamation of the AVA’s practice management special interest group (AVAPM) and the Australian Veterinary Business Association (AVBA).

Membership of the VBG is open to veterinarians and non-veterinarians working within veterinary businesses.

For more information visit the VBG Facebook page.

Veterinary Nurses Council of Australia

Vets On TourThe Veterinary Nurses Council of Australia [VNCA] is the only Association representing Veterinary Nurses in Australia and serves as a voice for all Veterinary Nurses. You can use your Provet PLUS points as a means of rewarding your nursing staff and encouraging professional development.

Provet PLUS points can be redeemed for:

  • VNCA membership for your nursing & support staff
  • Attendance at the annual VNCA National Conference
  • Attendance at VNCA divisional seminars
  • Registration for VNCA e-CPD online education courses

For more information visit the VNCA website.

Vets On Tour Veterinary Conferences

Vets On TourVets on Tour was started in 2005 by Dave Collins, who felt the need to provide veterinarians with a source of quality educational lectures at a premier skiing destination. You can register for any Vets On Tour event using Provet PLUS points, and to make travelling to and from the conference easier you can request travel redemptions using our Online Redemption Form.

For more information visit the Vets On Tour website.

Education Redemptions

To redeem Provet PLUS points for education and training rewards including conference and event fees, association membership and training courses, please download a redemption form and fax your completed copy back to your local Provet branch.

Download Redemption Form