Urine Catheters

BUSTER Easy Slide Cat Catheters

Made from phthalate-free medical grade PTFE, the BUSTER Easy Slide Cat Catheter is available with an open end or side holes, either of which are suitable for drainage and/or bladder lavage.

Features and benefits

  • High biocompatibility
  • Suitable for medium-long placement (3 days)
  • Optimal rigidity (no need for stylet), though still with proper softness
  • Highly lubricious catheter tubing material that ensures easy catheterisation
  • Flexible baseplate with suturing holes allows securing of the catheter to the prepuce
  • Luer lock fitting which enables syringe-attachment for flushing and/or attaching a urine bag collection system to the catheter
  • Radiopaque – visible in X-rays
  • Individually packed in easy-open pouch
  • Small package size

BUSTER Cat & Dog Urinary Catheters

KRUUSE Urinary CathetersUrinary catheterisation is safe and easy with the premium BUSTER Urinary Catheter range.

BUSTER Cat Urinary Catheters

  • The luer lock adapter and the handle of the stylet are moulded for premium quality
  • All catheters have rounded ends to avoid tissue damage
  • Handle on luer adapter for better grip
  • Suture holes on the baseplate allows easier suturing to the prepuce

Benefits of side holes

  • Ideal for urine sample collection, urine retention relief and bladder lavage
  • The catheter with stylet is softer than the catheter without stylet

BUSTER Dog Urinary Catheters

  • „Female luer lock fitting
  • Rigid yet flexible polypropylene catheter tubing for easy introduction
  • „Rounded end and atraumatic side holes to avoid tissue damage
  • User-friendly blister packaging