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Welcome to our Classifieds section, where you can browse our listings for vet industry jobs, used equipment for sale and practices for sale or lease.

This section allows you to submit and manage your own classifieds. Submitting and managing your listings is just a mouse click away. Veterinary practice or company staff with an approved Provet Online account are able to submit and manage their classifieds free of charge. 

Your listing must be directly related to the veterinary industry and a valid contact method must be supplied.  Provet Classifieds are a free service and Provet reserves the right to reject a submitted classified for any reason.

All account registrations and new classified listings are reviewed and subject to approval by Provet during office hours. Please allow a minimum of 1 business day for your classified to be approved.

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For more information, please contact the advertiser. While all efforts are made to review listings before submission, Provet does not make any guarantees about the accuracy or currency of information provided in listings.