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Sonsite M Turbo with LX52 (rectal) probe + warranty

For Sale - Australia - QLD | Listed on 13/09/2019

current model - purchased new in 2014 - upgraded version with colour doppler and pulse wave. Has been used part time and has hasn't been used since practice sold. Fantastic condition, suit someone who doesn't want to pay full retail price. Small amount of warranty included. Suit equine, mixed or small animal practice.

Small animal surgery volumes one and two by Tobias and Johnston

For Sale - Australia - QLD | Listed on 11/09/2019

Surgery and Hospital Equipment

For Sale - Australia - QLD | Listed on 8/09/2019

Theatre Lights and Shoreline Bi-level Tub
located north Brisbane

Treatment Table for sale $200

For Sale - Australia - WA | Listed on 30/08/2019

Suburban Surgical Company, INC. branded stainless steel treatment table for sale.
As new, hardly used.
1200mm length, 600mm width, 900mm height.

Surgical scrub sink

For Sale - Australia - NSW | Listed on 19/07/2019

Very good condition high quality ceramic sink

Secondhand Atomscope HF80/15 Portable X-ray Unit

For Sale - Australia - WA | Listed on 17/07/2019

The gold standard of lightweight, portable x-ray units!

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